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Cluster Raisins 10 Lb Box

Clusters are packed in 1 mil blue polyethylene liners in layers, separated by sealed air 3/16 in. bubble wrap for protection of the clusters and placed in 10# bulk cases. Cases are stacked 100 to a pallet, identified with tags, and shrink wrapped.


Quality Attributes
21% – 23%
Minimum cluster size
3 berries
85% +


Product Description

Raisins on the Vine

A New Kind of Raisin

100% Natural Flame Seedless Grapes Sun-Dried on the Vine

Mojave Gold LLC’s Raisins on the Vine are picked at the peak of maturity, sun-ripened and dried on the vine for richer flavor.
Large in size, dark in color, and rich in flavor, Raisins on the Vine are taking the US market by storm.
“The quality of these cluster raisins is such that there is nothing that compares to them.”

Taste the Difference

Our raisins are plump,meaty, and packed full of sweetness due to our requirement of 22 percent sugar content before they’re harvested, unlike ordinary raisins that fall much lower than that

Gourmet Produce

The clusters can add elegance to cheese platters, desserts, fruit plates, paired with an excellent glass of wine or served as high-energy snacks.

Highest Quality

Each cluster is carefully hand-clipped, hand-washed, and hand-packed to order. Each order is thoroughly inspected exceeding the highest USDA standards

Additional Information

Weight 11.3 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 7 in

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