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Our MissionSun Dried Raisins

At Mojave Gold LLC we are focused on maintaining customer satisfaction by providing them with high-quality Raisins on the Vine as a result of the detailed and intense work that is put into it. To keep a clean, comfortable and well maintained premises for our guests and employees; and to keep innovating the raisin drying procedures in order to keep our products fresh and delicious.

Our Raisins on the Vine are hand-picked, washed, carefully hand-clipped and hand-packed to preserve the natural state of the clusters. Quality control is an important part of each step in the raisin making process. Our Food Safety Quality Program is based on Good Agricultural Practices, Good Handling Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures. At the packing plant, the raisins are thoroughly inspected by Quality Control and USDA to ensure the production of a consistent, high quality raisin.


We are Kosher Certified by Orthodox Union
Certified for Passover and year-round use.

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